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African Sandals

Sunday, March 31st, 2013


As we all know, footwear plays a very significant role in the fashion industry today. Many strive for comfort and convenience for their casual wear. People tend to gravitate towards open toe sandals, flip-flops and other comfortable footwear. Sandals are a favorite by many compared to flip-flops because with a mere strap on top of your heels, your appearance can change from very informal to casual and in some cases formal depending on the type of sandals. You also get to reduce the constant noise from flip-flops slapping your heels as you walk. Sandals also tend to reduce dirt from splashing on your clothing or legs when walking through wet or muddy areas because of the close proximity of the base of the sandals to your heels when walking. Sandals are very popular in Africa because of the warm climate.

African Sandals are generally hand-made. Some African Sandals are made out of car tires, cows and many other sources. African Sandals come in many colors, designs, shapes and forms. African Sandals are mostly comfortable, easy to wear and unique.

Brown African Leather Sandals

Brown African Leather Sandals

African sandals can complement either formal wear or casual wear. African sandals are adjustable. They most often come with buckles with buckle pin holes for the right firm fit. Some African sandals also come with Velcro. African Sandals range from simple designs to very intricate designs. Some African sandals are fully made out of rubber making them waterproof. African sandals made out of genuine leather tend to be more durable than those made with other materials. Some African sandals are padded for a better comfort but are mostly made without pads.

Some African Sandals are covered with African Print as seen below:

African Sandals with African Print

African Sandals with African Print

African Sandals with African print are becoming a sensation these days and are gaining popularity amongst our youth, fashionistas, designers, and more. Another popular print used to make African sandals is Kente. Kente is a print customary to people from Ghana, a country in West Africa.

Designers of African Sandals are very creative. Just when you think the creativity cannot be better, they come up with some breath-taking designs. African sandals are worn all over Africa, from West to East and from North to South. African Sandals has made its way into the western world and is now worn all over the world.

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